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October 3rd, 2012

Melbourne Web Design – Experiment in SEO

seo image from sxc.hu credit to Svilen Milev for the image

We are currently running a small SEO experiment.

With no backlinks and competing against some heavy hitting websites we are trying to get to page one of google for the keyword phrase “melbourne Web Design”.

We utilise a plugin called “yoast” to help with on page optimisation. It is a quick and easy tool that you as a client can use as well to help with crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s of your web page optimisation.

The current experiment has everything going against (on purpose). These things are:

  • brand new domain
  • no backlinks
  • no page rank
  • no great amount of content
  • no webmaster account

We are purely testing the relevance of having the keywords in the url. In this case they are back to front (it was as good as we could get hold of – all the others were taken). Our url is designwebmelbourne.com.au and the page is located at www.designwebmelbourne.com.au/melbourne-web-design.html. (please note – this is not a style exercise – THE EXPERIMENTAL WEB PAGE HAS NO STYLING!!), this We are also testing small things that you can do yourself, that dont cost money and assist with ranking in google for your chosen keywords. Just how useful these things are we will soon discover over the coming weeks and months.

We have the following pros for the web page in the test:

  • keywords in the domain name
  • additional keywords in the url
  • correctly set up page titles
  • Good H1 and H2 structure
  • content that is relevant to the keywords that we are trying to rank for
  • outbound links to relevant websites
  • images with outbound links
  • title tags and alt tags on all links and images
  • over 400 word count on page
  • and some other standard good practice SEO

So it will be an interesting process. At the end of this test we will see how much certain factors can influence your SEO. Factors that you can control without handing over large sums of money to SEO companies. This is all about client driven onsite seo optimisation.


Thanks for reading.

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